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Originally Posted by ThePhaige View Post
I tried real hard to get into Enterprise, I just couldn't hang. The characters and interactions never gelled for me. The only characters I really liked were Phlox and Trip.

Even Scott B disappointed me, I always liked him in Quantum Leap, but he always seemed to be over acting. Just my opinion but I think it failed because it just wasn't very good.
It's not just you.
I got tired of his yelling every time he got fustrated. The way he look down instead of at you when he was angry and pointed at the floor. He seemed to be working the Ham.

I liked Trip...I wanted to Like Mayweather.
Hoshi was barely tolerable. T'pol was an irratant, she didn't do anything powerful, she was an antagonist far too often.

I don't know why I didn't like Phlox. It may have been the mouth.

Originally Posted by jla1987 View Post
I started out not liking Enterprise, but came to enjoy most of it once the reruns began on Sci-Fi (SyFy). I agree that season 4 was probably the best Trek since TNG's All Good Things...
I liked the last season when they started to honor what came before when they tried (a bit too hard at times) to mesh we TOS.
The "Augments" were an amazing series of episodes they should have down the whole 3rd season on while messing with the disaster of the previous century.

You know those special effects for the augments was fantastic when they'd use they're speed.

But it was good they ended the series. They had screwed up too much.
The characters
The tech
The writing
The canon issues.....just put it to sleep and it was the right call.

Edit: Fixing one (the writing) was only the begining and too correct our perceptions as a fan base would have taken the rest of the seven years. That's what happens when something isn't done right from the begining.

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