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Originally Posted by ThePhaige View Post
The premise sucked too they should have done Pike or Aprils Enterprise closer to TOS series time frame.

I would love to see a new series set after TNG like 50 to 100 years and Humans are expanding and colonizing a new Earth in a distant uncharted quadrant in order to expand farther into space and renew the need for human exploration. It would follow the crew of the Enterprise H or whatever letter were up to. There mission would be to establish the federation of planets in that region just like they pioneered in our galaxy.

I would like to see a descendant of McCoy, Scotty,or Picard as part of the crew not as Captain but maybe 1rst officer or science officer. I wouldnt mind a female captain again like Michelle Forbes who played Admiral Kane, shes a powerful female presence.

This is the only way I can see a series succeeding. Going backwards for TOS is different because everyone can relate or has memories of watching it as a kid, but going back for an unknown crew and squeezing Archers E into Canon just didnt work.

I think the reason they went back as far as they did in ENT was to distance it from all we knew about Star Trek. That way, they were able to have new characters and new and different stories, but still be able to tie in some important things. In Redemption, the episode where they meet some "strange" ailens, who turned out to be Borg from the sphere Picard shot down over Montana. I loved how they tied it in, and people found the crash site, and had no idea of how it got there. I also loved The Forge in season 4 that had so many nods to TOS as far as Vulcan lore goes. I loved it!!! I agree with you that there could be a series with Robert April too, more great opportunites to build on the mythos.
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