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The premise sucked too they should have done Pike or Aprils Enterprise closer to TOS series time frame.

I would love to see a new series set after TNG like 50 to 100 years and Humans are expanding and colonizing a new Earth in a distant uncharted quadrant in order to expand farther into space and renew the need for human exploration. It would follow the crew of the Enterprise H or whatever letter were up to. There mission would be to establish the federation of planets in that region just like they pioneered in our galaxy.

I would like to see a descendant of McCoy, Scotty,or Picard as part of the crew not as Captain but maybe 1rst officer or science officer. I wouldn't mind a female captain again like Michelle Forbes who played Admiral Kane on BSG & Ensign Ro Laren in TNG, shes a powerful female presence.

This is the only way I can see a series succeeding. Going backwards for TOS is different because everyone can relate or has memories of watching it as a kid, but going back for an unknown crew and squeezing Archers E into Canon just didnt work.

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