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Originally Posted by Carpeoccasio View Post
"The trick is, they've got to bring it up to date and make it hip and sexy and fast and all the things they can do with effects now, and keep the diehard fans in the theater. I'll be curious to see if they'll be successful with that. I hope they are."

"We were trying to make that bridge with our series, and we had resistance. There was no question that some of the Star Trek fan base was not ready to go there (laughs). They just didn't want to do it. A guy stopped me, and he said, 'Oh, I loved that show, I loved it, loved it, ... except for the theme song' (laughs). I was like, 'Man, people should just ...' But they're not willing to give it any slack. If they don't like it, they're vocal about it. But if they like it, then you're made. ... The trailer looks fantastic. And, obviously, [director J.J.] Abrams knows how to make a movie. And, hopefully, he will have succeeded, and the studio will say, 'We shouldn't have canceled Enterprise' (laughs)."
Yeah, he knows what Fans didn't like about Enterprise.
You can do flashy and sex but it better be done with taste. Enterprise didn't have that for a long time.

I liked the theme song and the difference they did there but I hated the show's abuse of canon and gratitous naked bodies flying around like this was 902.10 Trek.

That actually sounds pretty good. Star Trek 902.10, That's either a radio station or a course heading.

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