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Originally Posted by sir num nums View Post
I just wanted to pass on some "common knowledge" for when we all attend the new movie in May.

To put it plainly...

Go watch the movie in large groups.
I work at a theatre that will be playing the movie in IMAX, and we have already had countless phone calls asking about Group Tickets.

Sadly, We are not selling tickets yet. But when we do, we expect to be sold out of the May 8th opener with in a week of pre-selling.

At most theatres if you have large enough groups, you can get a discount on your admission ticket. Usually groups of 25 or more will get you a good price.
Most theatre companies call this VIP or Group Pricing, and in some cases you might have to buy the "coupons" first. So, give your self enough time if that is the case.
That's kinda kewl.

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