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I voted for "other" - simply because I couldn't decide between these two options and both leave a lot in the open. In both points that would also mean - no blackhole was created but a form of a wormhole. I'm too much in science to decide.

For more explanations I will quote myself, just because I don't want to write it down again.

Originally Posted by Stef* View Post
Star Trek for me was ever about Science too. Not only fiction, but the science. It is influencing and so there are some points I'm struggling with in this whole discussion about timelines and universes.

Nobody knows if there are really these singularitiys in our universe, known as black holes, but they are scientifically given as fakt and proven with lensing effects and other things. Okay - given they exist, and the gravimetrical pull exists also, which is a logical conclusion ...

... Nobody ever traveled into, and no one through such a beastie. Noboy we know of.

Spock created one, Neros Narada is pulled into. Then, clearly after Nero, Spocks Jellyfish ist pulled into the Singularity, too. Picard and Data do a little philosophy about Spock knew and go on.

At this point we were left with " be continued in the Movie."

Well ...

... all these speaking and discussion about timelines is nice and fascinating, but do we know what really happens with the Narada and the Jellyfish?

Nowhere is said something about where Spock or Nero gets out, how and where and nowhere is said something about the effects of singularitys, besides that they are dangerous beasties. It's a bit like an unknown variable in a mathematical formula.

All these Argumentation sounds more for a Wormhole, than a black hole. Remember the one in Voyager, which leads into the past?

Okay - and if this Singularity Spock created pulls all destruction in, including Jellyfish and Narada ... it would be illogical to conclude, that only the Jellyfish and the Narada escape to perhaps another Universe, another big bang, another **** (insert speculation where it will lead).

But all the rubble, things, partikels etc. etc. not? All stays fine inside, because of the gravity, time itself stays inside, as we know since Einstein. Just the Jellyfish and the Narada comes out again - at another place another time, another side? Which side? And only because Narada and Jellyfish escape, it wont close - will it?

Not a hole, a black hole tunnel in fact?

Come on ...

The beginning alone will for me/TOS Fan sind decades be very exciting. The Science alone "What happened?"

Furthermore - if Jellyfish and Narada manage to get through in one piece - onther can do so, too. Perhaps Data and Geordi do some thinking about this possibility?

Okay, I don't want to bore you to death ... but I for myself don't expect that they just simply made a timejump over a few 100 years - there has to be more about this. Minimal another Universe or the startingpoint of a another complete branch in the very huge Tree of Universes, timelines and life we so dearly speculate about.

Next question - are they healthy after their passage? In one piece? The hobus black hole is deep into romulan territory, the speculated exit too? Oh my ...

.. theres a lot open for clarification, before I even am satisfied to watch little Kirk make his stuntdrive

I love Trek and with all these speculations and questions about "what could be" its back to life again - I hope Spock will give the scientific answers, that I can hold on and Bones will add his human moral and Kirk his human gut ... as it always was.
So, I have bored you enough and am really curious what the authors have cooked from these options. Yay, 6th May I'm coming.
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