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Hi my user name is as above zebredy (don't want to give out my real name) and I come from Essex in the UK, Rainham to be more precise

I have been a trek fan ever since I can remember, though it started with TNG (need to watch more of TOS before I can say whether I like it or not)

My dad once told me there were people that wore hats and trek uniforms and went to conventions and hung around with other trekkies, I told him he was mad (I was 11/12 at the time and had never heard of trek conventions of trekkies/ers before) Now I'm one off those mad people and proud of it.

I went to my first real convention (not day signing event) on my own (no one I new was that into Trek) but I was lucky enough to meet some of the cons forums members so soon made some friends

I told them I was going to win at least one item in the auction no matter what it was, and when an autograph of Rene Auberjonois came up (excuse spelling) I said to myself, I've got to get this.

There were only two of us bidding and I won it for think it was £20-£25 about $40-$50.

At the same convention I met a guy who gave me a leaflet about a local trek group in Essex, (which I am now a member of) and 3months later at my first ever meeting everyone asked me who my favourite character was (this was a few years back when I didn't know all the actors names) I said Bashir and someone else (username on forums is ODO) said ODO.

Well I told him that I recently won an ODO autograph at this con and he said, 'SO your the bug-er who bid against me. Small world hey. In a room of over 300 he was the only other person bidding on that auto.

What makes this story even better is that out of all the people in the group he was the only person who lived near me (20-25mins away where as the nearest other member too me was 45mins away).

Needless to say after a few weeks of going to the group (this was before I could legally drive) he started giving me lifts there. About 4 months later we started going out. 3 years ago I moved in with him, the year before last he proposed to me (in a castle) and this year we are getting married...

What a story to tell the kids hey And Yes the ODO autograph is up on the living room never to be taken down (unless we move that is)
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