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Originally Posted by RedAlertRiker View Post
In my opinion thats exactly why aliens probably will not evolved into anything like us. Some assume that life can only exist in an M class with conditions similar to earth. Who is to say that ther will be similar conditions on other planets? Perhaps life doesnt even evolve as carbon based. We have no idea what kind of life is possible.

While i do believe in the possibility of aliens, I think my best friend said it best.
""I do not believe in aliens, the possibility of aliens and i especially dont believe humans and aliens will ever come into contact. But I do believe in star trek."
good point. If you just look at the earth, life is everywhere, in some of the most extreme conditions on the planet you still find life. Who's to say that it may not be the same out there. I remember in the book 2010 there were these jelly fish like creatures that lived in Jupiter's atmosphere, they were huge, then they were wiped out when the planet became a sun. I seriously doubt we'd find any life in Jupiter's atmosphere but can you imagine, if we did, in such a harsh environment. If life could exist there then life would have to be everywhere!

People used to think planets may not be that wide-spread a phenomena or common, before we were able to detect them around other stars. Maybe planets are just a rare phenomena and not that many stars have systems but hundreds have been catalogued, mostly gas giants. I remember reading somewhere that they've even found planets around pulsar stars. That means the planets would've formed after the star went nova and became a pulsar, so planets must be an extremely common phenomena. Regardless, considering planets are so common, perhaps life is too and where and how it could survive, imagine if something could survive on one of those planets orbiting a pulsar. Talk about radiation!

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