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Man oh man is this a tough challenge. Isn't it true that no matter what it is in life...achieving a balance is always most difficult.

Personally I thought the ENT series ship should have been a bit less detailed, but even in First contact the pheonix was pretty detailed for that time frame and certainly more detailed than the OSeries Enterprise Model on the surface(exterior).

Technologies of the future are always based on current day trends, and back when I was a kid our phones were analog dials and twisty chords mounted to the wall. So when watching Trek as a kid those communicators seemed super advanced. However it is true that todays (not even 30 years into the future) communications devices are much more advanced than the communicators were in ST.

If I were to project what I think might be employed now in the future of Trek or the tech of that time frame, I would imagine something implanted directly into ones head and controlled with thought. To see a communicator being carried around would seem silly.

Yet I believe the communication devices in this movie will be hand held to stick with what is familiar to Trek. I cant verify that, its just a gut feeling. We will have to see.

The original Enterprise (TOS) was really done right. It could be said that the smoother minimalist appearance was a streamlining of the more detailed ships that came before.
However whats hard to explain is why they reverted back to the more hyper detailed designs we see on STTNG and in movies set ahead of the OSeries timeframe. Mainly I think cause they look cool on screen. These are movie makers not scientist lol. Sure they have technical advisors they employ and such but its still about what LOOKS COOL.When I was a kid that stuff was real to me ya know.

This is fantasy and as much as some (me included) at certain times want Star Trek to be a real living breathing glimpse into the future. :::::SPOILER::::: It is not.

So as another poster has said: The characters and the general canon is what we love and the Tech is the dressing that brings us in to the fold of this being in the future.

In 30 years from now I will assure you....Trek tech will seem silly in its perception as compared to the trends of that time.
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