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Originally Posted by starbase63 View Post
Remember the rumors of Matt Damon being in line to play Kirk?

Which would you have rather had in that case, Damon or Wahlberg?

I think Wahlberg could have done the part well.

And it's been some time since I've seen him referred to by his old rap moniker...I think he's earned some kind of respect. Chris Pine? the most I can think of him is "Wow, his dad used to be Sgt. Getraer on "CHiPS"...
Neither. A-Listers have no place in star trek. Sure theyve cast respected and well rounded experienced actors, but famous red carpet sex symbols and teen sensations? No thank you.

Oh i do respect wahlberg, i loved him in Huckabees, and hes very talented, but hes just too famous.

And i hate to tell you, but im not quite sure if the target audience of this new film will be CHiPS fans
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