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Looking alike should only get you so far, especially in a reimagining like this.

As for the swagger...its true, he could pull of A swagger. my problem is that Shatner played kirk as Shatner, and if Wallberg came on, hed play Kirk as himself... We have to have an actor that can be a chameleon and play Kirk not as himself, but as Kirk, ya know?

I'm not sure if im explaining myself properly, I just want to look at the screen and not think "oh.. thats wallberg", i want to look at the screen and think "oh, its kirk!" Star Trek has never been and should never be an A-List production. It takes away from the believability.
Hehe, it has been along time since he was Marky Mark, but hey, none of the star trek actors have ever been able to completely shake their roles either :P
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