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Default NCC-1701-E-harmony?

Ok, since someone was bound to try it, and nobody has yet... so hey, I thought I would be either really brave, or really foolish and start the thread, because hey... ya never know, right? Though I don't know how long this thread would last, it could be a copyright violation.

Howevery, you know the drill. If you're single, use this forum to adverize about yourself if so desired.

Note: This is for EVERYONE to advertize about THEMSELVES, not to use the the thread to respond to me personally.

So here goes:

Headline - Nice Guy With Great Eyes and Great Smile!

27/M/south Oregon coast
caucasian, dark blonde hair, blue eyes
5'7" (in shoes) 140

Seeking F 21-29

Obviously enjoys Star Trek. Also enjoys: walking on the beach, fine dining - good wine, good beer, good coffee, theatre, roadtrips-travelling, watching movies, listening to music, cooking (if it is for people other than myself), going to concerts, watching sports - both live and on tv. I really love college sports, and follow the NFL, MLB and NCAA football and men's basketball pretty closely and hte NBA somewhat closely (c'mon Blazers, get back in it). I also watch a lot of other geek tv (Discovery, History Channel, Sci-Fi, Nat. Geo, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central...)

Gainfully employed, working with teenagers. I have my own 2 bedroom apartment, with a great view at a bargain price. And I own my car. However, I am also a Christian and happy to say so. (I apologize for any posts which sound insulting, truly I don't intend to come off that way).

I have a college degree and live half-way across the country from my parents.

I have pretty straight teeth without ever having the aid of braces. I have a great sense of humor and can make you laugh.

Can supply picture if asked for.

Send private message to respond.

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