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I would definitely watch a series with Archer as the captain of the first warp 7 ship. It looks like he had some time between 2160 and 2169 to do so. As an all around Trek fan, I was sad to see both the adventures of the TNG crew and the Enterprise crew be halted so abruptly. Season 4 of Enterprise was exactly what Trek fans, Enterprise fans, and anti-Enterprise fans wanted the series to be the entire time. And I agree, that after the Xindi story arc, Enterprise became the prequel tale of exploration with the necessary beginnings of pre-TOS technology that we expected from the start. A new series, featuring the 5th season stories helmed by Manny Coto, could easily replace Battlesatar on Sci-Fi after it's final season. (I tried to get hooked by the new Battlestar, but all the "frakkin drama" pushed me away.)

With that said, I am very excited about the new Trek film, and I hope that it spawns a new interest in Trek beyond the new adventures of the "new" cast. I know this is a film trying to assimilate the MTV generation into Star Trek fandom, but I still feel like the TNG cast deserves a proper sendoff, even if that only means a screenwriter's edit of Nemesis on Blu-ray...

The TNG cast, and even the Enterprise cast, are now too old to sell to the new group of fans... And as unrealistic as a warp 7 Enterprise series, a final TNG film, or a Titan series is, I still believe that even one of those would be supported enough by oldschool Trek fans to be successful...

...Fans brought TOS back a decade later from TV to film...

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