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They shouldn' do this. The re-make of "The Day The Earth Stood Still" was horrible, the ideals of the original were skewed and it's message made unclear. If this is the way classic sci-fi is treated, merely for the sake of bringing it "up to date", then classic sci-fi films should be left alone and watched in their original form, a form in which they can tell their story the way it was originally intended. John Carpenter's "The Thing" is a classic example of this. It was a flashy, effects driven, ticket selling, monster movie that amazed us (at the time) and scared us and entertained us, but unlike it's predecessor, forgot to remind us to "Watch The Skies", because whatever comes out of them, might not be as friendly as E.T. or as cooperative or logical as Mr. Spock. Yeah, I know, the bad alien was there, but when he peels off the head of a host human and grows spider legs and walks off, all you can think about is who's real, who's not, and who will make it out alive. That film was more like "Die Hard" in the Arctic. "Independence Day" did a better job of re-telling that tale than Carpenter's remake of "The Thing" did.
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