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Default 11001001 - a very dumb episode

several errors and gaffes in this one:

Minuet accessed the "foreign language databank" when she heard Jean-Luc's name? For one thing, names mean nothing when it comes to someone's spoken language. I have a very French-sounding name yet I don't know a lick of French. And "foreign language..."? Foreign to whom in the 24th century?

Everyone's evacuated the Enterprise to the starbase except for Riker and Picard. The Enterprise is leaving. Quniteros is called from someone on the comm, "this is Starbase 74 to Commander Quinteros". Ummm, aren't they already on the starbase???

The Bynars claim that they only intended Riker to remain and that Picard's staying behind was "an unfortunate happenstance". Okay, if that's true, they would have been so screwed because they would have needed even numbered people operating the terminals on the bridge to reboot their computer on their home planet.

Strange how a species called the Bynars would live on Bynar and they would speak in binary and their names would consist of ones and zeros.

...and Tasha had to put that little Latino accentuation on Quinteros' name, didn't she?
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