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Originally Posted by Chris Fawkes View Post
Ok i guess you don't know the basics of story telling. The idea is that certain things are set up through the story so that by the time the point of death occurs there is no real choice except it will cost others, thus a sense of real sacrifice.
Dropping off a cliff was simply added to kill off the character, there was no need. That is the scene would have worked just as well with both captains coming out alive so there is no sacrifice in the sense that it was Kirks death or the death of others.
The fact that they were fighting an old git that anyone in the audience felt they could beat up if needed didn't help either.
So for a start a stronger and more intimidating adversary should have been written in.
It could have been as simple as the adversary pushing a button that would take him into the nexus and destroying the other planet (which we should have seen in order to have some emotional connection anyway).
Kirk and Picard could have received a serious beating and as the man/creature that they were fighting were about to press the button Kirk intends to use the last of his strength to take said adversary off balance and over a cliff face that would take them both to their deaths. Picard seeing how badly injured Kirk is tries to stop him so Kirk first has to beat up Picard in the last few seconds before succeeding in his attempt to take himself and the villain to their deaths.
The idea is to set up a simple enough goal then create a series of obstacles to the hero getting there to build tension. Generations had non of that.
As i say his falling off the cliff had no basis in need. the simple suggestion i just made does.
Which gets us back to the idea that with millions to spend on a film you must get your climax right. The rest of the story can be forgiven if the climax is great.
I will add another beef. Why is it that building a forum that is to promote a multi million dollar film they cannot get it so that it does not keep logging you off?
No offence, but that sounds like a Dragon Ball Z ending. =/

Kirk put himself in a life threatening situation to save millions of people. That's what a hero does. They don't have to be Superman or know that they're actually giving away their life to save others. I'm sure Kirk's next thought was to get off the bridge before it collapsed, but he put the lives of others before his own safety.

Edit: I suppose they could have made the sacrifice more obvious though, you're right about that. We didn't see the alien planet he saved and the only indication that the Enterprise crew were also killed was a brief shot of the saucer section as the planet exploded.

Anyway, I haven't been logged out at all. Maybe it's your Internet browser? I use firefox and haven't had any trouble so far.
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