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What's most important about Star Trek is the canon continuity within the framework of its characters, events and so forth, not so much the way the technology is expressed. If Abrams were to resort to using the same technology available to Gene Roddenberry 40 years ago, then this upcoming movie, at least visually, would look as dated as TOS and that will kill any chances of this film being a big box office success.

I think JJ has it right. Keep true to the canon, spirit and character of TOS Trek without succumbing to a technological appearance that looks archaic by today's standards.

I have a strong feeling that the Enterprise in this 11th film would be exactly what Gene would have created in 1966 if only the technology were available to him.

I also have no doubt that 40 years from now when the 42nd film of the franchise gets released, that young director will make it with the look and feel that will seem right for its audience's day because our 2008 technology will look like ancient history to them. But, if they then, as I believe Abrams, Orci and Kurtzman will do here, stay true to established canon, the Trek universe as a whole and its central characters, then Star Trek will truly live on into the 24th Century and beyond.
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