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Originally Posted by LCARS 24 View Post
All these things are included in my freeware LCARS system for old PCs. That's why they were made. The system renders the screens, labels, and other text. Some of the images I drew from scratch, and others were done by contributors, most of which I reworked to keep the style consistent and make sure they look nice.

Here's the color guide I give to contributors. If you make up an outline then block in decks and turboshafts, I think you can easily enough paste in most of the rest from images from the gallery I posted. If you make a cutaway and send me a PNG image 706 pixels wide and information on the length, beam, height, mass, launch date, class, name, and registry number, I'll label it for you. It's easy. But I'm only including known ships, etc. in my LCARS library.

Color guide:

This is about two years old:

Will do,
and no problem I'll draw something up by the weekend. I only want it for my personal use.

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