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Originally Posted by dotcanada View Post
I don't believe his death was "undignified". He died by making "a difference". Did you ever see the deleted scene of how he originally was supposed to die (getting shot in the back by Sauron)? Now THAT is undignified. In the version we've all seen, Kirk risked his life to prevent the death of millions by decloaking the missle so Picard could rig it never to launch. He was a hero.
I agree.

Originally Posted by Chris Fawkes View Post
Killing Kirk in an undignified manner, that and those who respond to those of us who find kirks death very poorly done with a comment like "Kirks dead, get over it". As if that is a problem in science fiction, duh!
One of my beefs with Star Trek (and sci-fi in general) is when they bring characters back. Death becomes meaningless if you just do that. Sci-fi fans actually start expecting every death to be undone. There's no surprise left in it when it gets like that.

And besides, as they say in that very movie, mortality is part of being human. It defines us. Life is important because it eventually ends.

I have nothing against the way Kirk died. He sacrificed himself to make a difference. But I will ask out of curiosity, if anyone else here had the chance to write his death, how would they have it happen?
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