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Default Create your own Trek smilies!

And then get it put into the forum smilies bank, thingy!

Our esteemed friend and board fiddler ST Blueshirt would like to invite all those interested in having their own smiley icon put into the forum to submit their ideas into this new thread!

[EDIT]:Yup, just create it, upload it to the net, Flickr or whatever, and paste it into a post in this thead!
So, for the windows users the most simple program to use would be MSPaint, and save as a .jpg, or .png file or something. The simplest smiley is 20 pixels by twenty pixels. MSPaint will not allow you to do animations as far as I am aware, however.

If you do want to do animations, then I suggest that you download GIMP, which is free, and safe to download. Once you have that, and want to start, I cannot type up a lesson just now so I shall direct you to this page for the moment, in the hope that it is some help!

Here is my one as an example:

You can see what it is meant to be. Your one need not be animated if you so wish, naturally!

And probably some of our artists can take requests, maybe!*

*But not me at the moment. 'Cause I have exams.
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