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A little light hearted humor here:

An atheist is walking through the woods one day, taking in the sights and enjoying it.

"WOW! Look at the trees, the bees, the fish, the god could possibly have created ALL this beauty." He mused.

He continued on, admiring more sights. "WOW! The flowers, the birds, the .....BEAR!!!!!" he exclaimed as a large grizzly bear began to charge him. The atheist ran as fast as he could, but tripped on a fallen tree branch. Unable to recover in time, he was caught up to by the bear, which loomed over him, and then raised a paw to strike.

"Oh my God!" the Atheist cried out desperately, seeing the end he knew was coming.

Time froze. The bear stopped in its tracks, suspended in time, its paw just having started its swipe toward the fallen atheist.

A light shone from the skies above, and a voice bellowed, but with gentle demeanor, from the heavens: "You have denied my existence ever since you gained what you thought was cognitive reason. You denounced me publicly to the faithful! You chose evolution over creation. You refuse to believe in me all this time....until now. Tell me, what makes you think I owe you any consideration, since you boldly deny me so?"

The atheist stammered, amazed to be hearing this disembodied voice speaking directly to him. He replied: "Sir, I realize that I have denied You all this time, and it would indeed be hypocritical of me to suddenly develop 'crisis oriented faith', and wholeheartedly call upon You for aid in my time of need. However, I would ask.....maybe You could persuade the bear to be Christian about this?"

The voice said: "So be it."

The light faded from the heavens, time resumed, and the bear's paw came within an inch of the atheist's face.

Then the bear put its paws together, bowed its head, and said: "Dear Lord, thank You for the bounty Thou hast placed before me...."


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