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I've subscribed to the parallel universe thing from the beginning (which is how I'm looking at it). If this movie gets the wife to go with me and turns her on to Trek, then I'm all for it!

At this point, I want a good story. I want flip-open communicators and the like. I'm not in love with the new phasers, tricorders and such, but hey, I can live with it because TOS DOES look like the '60's. I am actually looking forward to the reimagining!

I've been a Trekkie since the early '70's... The Enterprise of TOS is classic. The TOS transporter effect was the best effect of ANY generation. But Trek is all about the story... everything else is secondary.

Back in '87, we thought we didn't need a next generation. But look at what happened to Trek as a result of TNG.

At this point, too, it doesn't matter what you and I think. The film is done and in the can. Deal with it. None of us can change things... we never could... so go see it or don't.

You know, I was on the "Daniel Craig Hate Wagon" when he was cast as 007. No way I was going to see "Casino Royale". I'm a die-hard Bond fan. I broke down and saw it. Twice. Several more times on DVD. The Bond franchise NEEDED a reboot and reimagining. I enjoyed "Quantum of Solace", too. Craig is actually the best Bond in a long time... despite his stature and blonde hair. I'm going into the new Trek movie with the same attitude.... an open mind.

I may just like it!
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