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Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
They really could have done so much with Nemsis.
No kidding. The first film to really delve into the Romulans and their culture... plenty of material there.

Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
John Logan's work for Gladiator was awesome. It's too bad that he seems to have missed the mark for Nemesis.

I still think Stuart Baird did a great job directing the film.
I don't know what happened with Logan. His work on Gladiator was good and when I heard he was working on a star trek film I was excited and this is what he gave us! He also wrote the remake of The Time Machine. That's a tough one to watch.

But on the other hand he wrote The Aviator and that's a pretty tight movie. Hit and miss I guess. I also heard he's writing a movie on Abraham Lincoln. Spielberg directing it.

Stuart Baird, that guy can cut a film! He cut Casino Royale, pretty tight. Nemesis was his first time directing I think, don't know if he directed afterwards.

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