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I found a shop today that had several copies of the first comic. Each of the four comics will be $3.99 US. The four issue TPB will come out April 29th and is listed at $17.99 US ($12.23 US on

I suggest waiting for the 4 issue TPB, if you have to order the comics online. However, if you want to collect each issue as they come out, I would be willing to purchase and ship them. Just remember, it will cost $4 for the comics x4 and probably around $5 for shipping x4, which comes out to 16 + 20 (what IDW is charging). But, if IDW is making you wait until April for all 4, they shouldn't be charging you so much for shipping... Anyway, if you're collecting the individual comics, and need help finding them, I'd be glad to assist.
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