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Originally Posted by HippyDave View Post
Wow. That's selling Alias so short I don't even know where to start! Alias is the best series of its type, period. It's the most densely plotted show I've ever seen - more happens in a single episode of Alias than happens in a single episode of most shows, and yet they still find time for effective character development - and frankly makes the Bond films and their ilk look like unimaginative river-bed dredgings. And I like Bond!

There's nothing wholly original in this world - even the much-heralded Lost is an amalgam of a number of other shows, as was The X Files, the rebooted Galactica and a slew of other recent 'classic' shows.
Well said. I only knew Abrams from Alias before he did M:I:3, and I though that was an absolutely terrific show, especially in it's first two years. What they did on a modest TV budget was incredible, both visually and storywise. Alias is for me as well why I'm a fan of Abrams.

Originally Posted by MissionTrek08 View Post
Hmmm... wasn't it Gene Roddenberry himself who described STAR TREK as "Wagon Train to the stars."

He referenced another TV show while pitching his TV show to the network. Apparently Gene didn't work in a creative vacuum either.
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