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I was going to post my opinion over at Trek Movie but considering the kind of censorship they seem be practicing as of late, I decided to refrain from it. Besides, this forum is more cool.

Anyhoo... Well, there's a certain likeness with the Kirk doll but they totally missed on Spock. And you're totally right, Vuedoc, he does look like Donny Osmond!

I read somewhere that Mattel somehow changed the inhuman proportions on Barbie a few years ago after being pressured by various organizations but I can see that there hasn't been any real improvement. When you show a woman whose thighs are as thick as her calves, then there's a major problem. So now Uhura looks like the poster child for eating disorders. Go Mattel! No way in hell would any woman in Starfleet be so ridiculously thin...

Sorry about the rant, guys, but it bothers me...
Uhura - "And here I thought you were just some dumb hick who only had sex with farm animals."
Kirk -
"Well... not only..."

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