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Originally Posted by FanWriter45 View Post
I dunno.. sometimes, when I think about Trek (which is often) I feel like maybe Abrhams is taking the wrong tack... maybe... maybe... what REALLY needs to happen is to take the whole concept of the franchise, wipe the board clean, and start anew. Maybe the folks at "Bad Robot" will fail because they just aren't going far enough with the reboot of Trek.

Keep the basic format. Kirk, Spock, McCoy and a bridge crew abaord a ship the size of an aircraft carrier, visiting new planets on a mission of peaceful exploration... and just not worry about "cannon" at all. Upgrade all the equipement and sets and effects so you can actually suspend your disbelief again, and just not worry about what came before... Those shows, those movies, will always exist and are a part of television and American and world history...

But all the little mistakes made over the years tend to have a cumulative effect. Trek has become hidebound by it's own backstory sometimes. (Just look at the whole DY-100/Khan/eugenics wars/augments timeline for a good example.) Certainly the clunky tech style of TOS has gone on, well past it's expiration date. Personally, now that special effects has caught up to our imaginations, I'd ditch the transporter. (It cuases too many plot problems.)

The basic idea behind Trek is still relevant. It still has lots of things to say about the world today, and the challenges we all face in the future.

Maybe it's time to drop the first stage, and ignite the second... otherwise the dead weight will keep us all from getting to where we are going.
You just described Star Trek XI.
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