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Originally Posted by TheTrekkie View Post
I like that part:

"Understandably, this does not go over well, but Nero steps up to support Spock’s claims, having seen an explosion at the star firsthand. This leads to the start of what looks to be a friendship between the two [...] Nero’s actions throughout the story presented in Countdown are not at all what we might expect. Here he is sympathetic, and shows all the characteristics of a classic Trek hero, including sacrifice, selflessness and compassion"
It's almost as if the new film has a complex backstory and characters who are not what they appear to be at first glance. Do I detect signs of intelligence on the part of the writing? I thought the movie was supposed to be dumb popcorn fare? Perhaps some of the doomsayers on this forum are not as good at predicting the future as they think.
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