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I like this quote from the TrekBBS site.

Originally Posted by mverta
I honestly don't have a problem with re-tooling the design (though I know an update to the TOS version would have worked); my issue is with the proportions themselves, no matter who, how, or why they came into being. In talking to people working on the film, I've heard that if anything, it was over-designed and over-thought. And true to form, it seems to have come out as well as anything designed by committee.

The core aesthetic is elusive; always is. But there are some people who just "get it." Casino Royale's director "got it." I think Nolan, largely, "gets it," with Batman. For all the re-envisioning, re-designing, etc., the core is intact. There are other examples of successfully remaining true to a core aesthetic, and way more examples of failing. Like the prequels: 900 flavors of doesn't have a clue. This Enterprise, and virtually all of the design I've seen falls squarely in the "doesn't get it," category, I feel.

But then again, I bet most of us can agree the costumes are fine. The costume designer seemed more or less to "get it."


Pretty much sums it up.
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