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Default From Those Who Have Been Involved With Trek XI

There is a very interesting thread going on now at Trek BBS. One of the posters is a member at the Replica Prop Forums, where apparently many industry professionals (including some who have had involvement with Trek XI) also have memberships. For example, the poster at Trek BBS said one of the Replica Prop forum members works for the prop house that supplied Trek XI's props.

He had this to say:
There's been a running discussion in the locked Off Topic forum about the movie, and there have been a few interesting posts by insiders; for anyone here who has an RPF account, this is the thread. But I thought I'd grab some of the comments that seemed interesting and present them here for us to freak out o...discuss.
Here's the thread at Trek BBS so you can read some of the comments, if you're of a mind:
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