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*Do you honestly think that Orci and Lindelof, the Trekkers in the production team do anything which intends to make you believe that TOS never existed?
Sorry, sir, but you gotta found your assumptions on let's say more evidence*

If this is to me instead of someone else (I assume), I never said the new movie was attempting to erase TOS. I've made my views (and understanding) on what that is all about very clear. I was referring to Roddenberry and TNG.
Please don't put inferences where they are not warranted. And please found your accusations on facts, not misreadings.

*C'mon, give the cameo a break!*
I do. It's why Kelley was there, as personal favor to Roddenberry. That also is documented. I said he was not mentioned by name. That was disputed. He was there to lend "legitimacy" to this new generation to TOS fans but denied the direct connection to TOS by sly omission of name.

*Although I'm not entirely sure what the 'fans' corrected*
The internet was not until years later.
Ask those who were at conventions during Q&A sessions why TOS was being given short-shrift on TNG. Also, do not forget the loyalty TOS fans (and fans of TOS cast members) had against TNG.
I recall vividly witnessing uncomfortable situations (and harsh words) between TOS uniform wearing fans and TNG uniform wearing fans.
Those were... interesting times.

*But it doesn't make TNG a reboot because he couldn't get TOS back anyway*
Read back. I said "failed" reboot. I am perfectly aware TOS had moved beyond his control, which is precisely why it was hand-waved away as much as possible and ignored like a sack-cloth and ashes red-headed step-child.

That didn't last (fan demands), but was minimized as an influence as much as possible. Only when TNG had gone beyond Roddenberry's immediate control was TOS again recognized as part of the "family".
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