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Besides the obvious 'Apple Store' which fits it just fine... when I see the bridge it makes me think 'unfinished' or 'incomplete'... so really it don't make me think of anything else as it isn't finished.

As the way I understand things bridges on new ships after they are built start off white then they come in later and 'finish' them. The bridge at the end of ST 4 and the prototype ship on Voyager that could split into three parts... etc... both had glaring 'whiteness'. The Voyager ship even looked that way through-out the entire ship as Sickbay was just as bland. Another Voyager ship, the one with the alien that pretends his ship is one Starfleet sent to bring back Voyager's crew, was supposed to be a 'prototype' also, same white blandness.... Guess it's just me that came up with that idea... oh well... I still say it looks boring and needs some color and looks like it's still not done.
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