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Some of the points are fair enough - the Admiral is not specified (but seriously, ask fans and who do the majority accept it to be based on the evidence? C'mon, give the cameo a break!), the removal of Roddenberry from the films and many of those facts are not wrong.

But it doesn't make TNG a reboot because he couldn't get TOS back anyway, they were never going to do another TV series with that cast. A new crew of characters were a bare minimum for a return to TV even if he had stayed as more than a 'consultant' on the films, so may as well advance the whole thing and give yourself a clean canvas to work on. Then begin to merge the two back into one.

Although I'm not entirely sure what the 'fans' corrected. What demands did they lay at the feet of the showrunners that were caved into? hit-rate wise seasons 1 and 2 have a higher percentage of enjoyable episodes than 6 and 7 do IMO, despite the bedding in issues the show did (admittedly) suffer from.

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