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Originally Posted by nyght81 View Post
Like I said before in a previous thread, supposedly money is no longer used, but go watch ST IV and there is a scene where they are on Nimbus III and there is a commercial playing on the TV in the background talking about buying a home I believe and to get a Federation loan. You gotta pay back a loan, which is monetary...but no one picked up on that.
To be fair, Nimbus III is an intergalactic establishment. Earth does not use money amongst itself. But that does not cover other planets. Quark for instance is clearly running a bar for financial gain on DS9. Humans, yes, do not use money among each other. But they would have to get some sort of loan for credits from the Federation when dealing with outside financial systems.

Originally Posted by I-Am-Zim View Post
"All Good Things" showed a possible future that Picard visited. Again, FUTURE. There were also a few past sequences in AGT as well, but you focussed on Riker commanding the 3-nacelled Enterprise Dreadnaught in the possible future that Q sent Picard to. The future is not set in stone. The past is. Unless somebody goes back and messes with it. And that explanation doesn't even work here because Orci said the movie takes place in an alternate reality, not in the past of the Trek universe we know. And compared to the changes being made in this movie, the whole money thing is minor, just like littel Jimmy Kirk knowing how to drive. And actually, just about everybody picked up on that. Just check out any thread on this site where people complain about "nitpicking".
On the contrary. The money thing would be major. At least, a lot bigger change than any of the changes made. The idea that money is not used on Earth is a big effect that supports the idea that humans work to better themselves, no longer for financial gain. This is a major idea about the driving motivation of the Federation.

Fortunately though, as I've pointed out above, it's more complicated than that when dealing with other races that do use money.
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