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Originally Posted by Dominus of Megadeus View Post
I don't know about you, fellow Trekkers, but I've been scouring Google News every day in hopes of a new story about the upcoming Star Trek film--hoping they would release some new images of the Enterprise (interior or exterior), shuttlecraft in action...Starfleet Headquarters...Somethun! I wanna know if Tyler Perry will be dressed as Madea: Federation President!...
Now, that'd be a grrreeaaat Superbowl commercial that would spoof, as well as tease the audience about what I hear is a court martial for Kirk--and Tyler Perry is in the role of the guy in charge.

Tyler Perry would be a good sport to do that. It'd be funny to see Perry dressed as Madea at Kirk's trial--reading the charges against him, before running around the room trying to smack him upside the head, while circling back around the table for a donut to run with en-route!

There would of course have to be a preceding disclaimer: "This is NOT a scene from Star Trek..."

I've always liked Tyler Perry. House of Payne is ok, but I like his movies a lot more. They always have a good core message in them.
"Why is any object we don't understand always called 'a thing' ?" ~ Dr. Leonard H. McCoy, Star Trek: The Motion Picture

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