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Originally Posted by nyght81 View Post
Riker supposedly took over the captains chair on the refit Enterprise D, but in Nemesis when he gets his captain's chair he is in command of the Titan. But oh, that's right, it was an alternate timeline...or could it really have been Riker's "twin" Thomas Riker from the transporter malfunction. there is always a way around canon and alternate timelines...blah blah, just watch the movie and take it for what it is. Like I said before in a previous thread, supposedly money is no longer used, but go watch ST IV and there is a scene where they are on Nimbus III and there is a commercial playing on the TV in the background talking about buying a home I believe and to get a Federation loan. You gotta pay back a loan, which is monetary...but no one picked up on that.
"All Good Things" showed a possible future that Picard visited. Again, FUTURE. There were also a few past sequences in AGT as well, but you focussed on Riker commanding the 3-nacelled Enterprise Dreadnaught in the possible future that Q sent Picard to. The future is not set in stone. The past is. Unless somebody goes back and messes with it. And that explanation doesn't even work here because Orci said the movie takes place in an alternate reality, not in the past of the Trek universe we know. And compared to the changes being made in this movie, the whole money thing is minor, just like littel Jimmy Kirk knowing how to drive. And actually, just about everybody picked up on that. Just check out any thread on this site where people complain about "nitpicking".
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