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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Mark Lenard played terrificly (as usual) and not passionate. Given that the writers metioned BoT and not "The Enterprise Incident" (Romulan women are passionate??? shall I say canon foul ) as reference episodes and given that Orci likes TNG, I am optimistic that the Romulans are done as they should be IMO, emotion-suppressing like their distant Vulcan relatives, at least before whatever happens that makes Nero et al lose their temper.
There could be a 'best of both worlds' IMO, but might be that they try to satisfy the old-schoolers at least in respect of the Romulans.
Excuse the ramble, but like for some it is the designs, for me the Romulans are my holy Trek cow. I will though entirely ignore and forget my discomfort about emotional Romulans in the theatre if Bana delivers a blow-you-away performance (which I don't doubt having seen him in Troy, Munich and Hulk).
Hmm... Why would the Romulans suppress their emotions? The way I understood it, the Romulans split off from the Vulcans due to the rejection of suppressing their emotions in favour of their passionate and violent natures. Or something.

I appreciate your input!
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