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Mark Lenard played terrificly (as usual) and not passionate. Given that the writers metioned BoT and not "The Enterprise Incident" (Romulan women are passionate??? shall I say canon foul ) as reference episodes and given that Orci likes TNG, I am optimistic that the Romulans are done as they should be IMO, emotion-suppressing like their distant Vulcan relatives, at least before whatever happens that makes Nero et al lose their temper.
There could be a 'best of both worlds' IMO, but might be that they try to satisfy the old-schoolers at least in respect of the Romulans.
Excuse the ramble, but like for some it is the designs, for me the Romulans are my holy Trek cow. I will though entirely ignore and forget my discomfort about emotional Romulans in the theatre if Bana delivers a blow-you-away performance (which I don't doubt having seen him in Troy, Munich and Hulk).
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