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Originally Posted by TrekkerBob View Post
The Trek Universe was full of seeming contridictions and inconsistencies, most of which stemmed from TOS not expecting to make such an impact.

They weren't terribly careful about every little detail, but since then, people have come up with explanations for just about everything including smooth foreheads on Klingons in the 23rd century.

Right out of the box, I notice what I thought was a glaring inconsistency in the Trek world when in the trailer, in the first scene, The young Kirk is driving a sportscar like a pro. Undoubtably due to his love for antiques. That much makes sense, but this was not an automatic transmission. It was a standard.

Now fast forward to TOS episode "A Piece of the Action". Kirk liberates a car and drives Spock a few blocks down the street almost giving them both whiplash. Spock commends Kirk on being an excellent Starship captain, but a lousy cab driver or something to that effect. Kirk didn't understand the concept of gears at all, noting that he had heard about or read about them someplace.

I know it was a decade or so later in his life, but how will they explain his total loss of memory regarding driving a standard.

Anybody else notice anything that doesn't seem to add up?
they wont explain it. because its immaterial. it doesnt matter. its splitting hairs.
things like this have to just be let go.

because it doesnt matter.

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