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If every Trekker was able to get out of the closet and embrace his or her "trekkiness" (within the limits of good taste and reason, mind you) then yes, Star Trek would stand a chance of shaking off its geek stigma. Because not all Trek fans are geeks or look like one.

There used to be a time when I would never have admitted I was a Star Trek fan. But a few years back, I said the hell with it. Now I feel totally comfortable saying that I love Star Trek and I even read the novels in the subway on my way to work or watch some episodes on my portable DVD player also on my way to work or during my lunch break. And I don't give a sh?% what people may or may not think. And I'm sure that some people must be very surprised because I really don't fit the geek profile (female, 39 years old, fashionable, don't live with my parents).

If more Trek fans did this and if the media started treating Trek with more respect then maybe the general perception could change. Until then though, I won't be holding my breath...
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