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Originally Posted by LTJG Iferal View Post
Is there a smaller shuttle than the type 6 (I'm assuming the shuttle in the Oberth is a type 6)? Because the shuttle has like three inches of ceiling clearance in that landing bay. Oberth shuttle pilots must be the bestest evar.

Seriously - cool-looking stuff, though.
Well, the workbees are smaller. You can see them in the Nova and Olympic MSDs I showed.

You might know that they built a full-sized plywood type 6 and also used that as the type 8, with minor changes. The type 6 you can see a lot of in VOY: Innocence, after which they used mostlly type 8 and 9 shuttles. I think the type 8 prop was also later drastically redressed as the alien shuttle called Alice in the VOY ep of that name.

The ceiling clearance in the Oberth shutttlebay is quite a bit higher than in the rest of the deck on the same level, because it doesn't have a false ceiling below the floor of the deck above. For crew quarters, there is quite bit of conduit space above the ceiling. We saw that in VOY: Basics, etc. So that's well over 3.5, close to 4, meters height in the Oberth shuttlebay, with a shuttle only 2. 8 meters tall.

I didn't post the ISS MSD before, but here:

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