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Originally Posted by LCARS 24 View Post
I don't know about that. Here's an Oberth scaled to 120 meters overall length against a Nebula at 444 (based on its having the same saucer width as the Galaxy classs). The deck heights are the same in this comparison, and notice that deck 10 of the Nebula is exactly where it should be. Compare this against the closing scene of GEN, and it's not so bad. I guess I should make the shuttles in the Nebula a little smaller, since the type 8 is only 2.8 meters tall.

Even from what I remember from the final scene of Generations it looks right to me.

Although I think sometimes on TNG the model was used incorrectly. Probably the most obvious one is 'The Pegasus' which appears to be an Oberth design, but when you see it and the Enterprise togther inside the asteroid, it's way bigger than the scale of that image. I never understood why they did that with the Oberth for that episode.

None of which takes away from the terrific work producing them!
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