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I try to stick to just programming of LCARS 24, since that's a big job. I did some of the MSDs from scratch, some were completely done by contributors, and some I received as blank outlines and filled in the rest. like the Norway and Olympic you cited. The Hubble and Gemimi I received in nearly complete form and just did minor touch-up. And I made color charts and examples of outline thickness for these guys so the style would be consistent. There will be more, both Starfleet and NASA/ESA (Voyager, LEM, etc.)

I have the first 21 in a gallery, and have several starships to add to that. And I'll make another gallery for the NASA/ESA stuff. I did one of the International Space Station about a year ago, which is in the software package, along with one of the Space Shuttle done by a contributor.

The labels, brackets, and text are rendered by the program, by reading a text file that describes all that in an LCARS-specific scripting language similar to HTML.

21 Starfleet schematics
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