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Oh, I forgot to comment on the posting before mine. If you've seen some of the Star Wars fans and spoofs of that, I think you'll find that there are at least as many put-downs on that side of the isle. "Fanboys" is obviously going to cater to Star Wars because that is the plot base of the movie. If it had been a more modernly conceived version where people are trying to sneak peaks at Trek XI, I'm sure you'd find some way of seeing a pimply geek holding a plastic lightsaber spouting "farce" euphemisms to "join the lightside/darkside of the force" and be dressed in a cross-eyed version of a Frodo robe and wearing a LOTR ring on a necklass.

My point is that you have to believe in Trek's appeal to the masses and don't believe the ignorance of people around you that don't know the value of it. There are more closeted Trek fans out there that feel the same becuase of the so-called stigma, but you have to believe that just because they don't speak out, doesn't mean they aren't there. Star Wars fans have more light in the sun due only to the fact that it is only every few years that a movie has been released/re-released over the last dozen years, and the only reason it has such an obvious following is because it gets jammed down everyone's throats thru advertizing by LucasFilm.
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