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I'd have to go along: the 'absolutists' so far have been much more in the camp of "this new movie isn't real TREK" and seeing changes they don't like have railed long against this movie without ever seeing it... some vowing they never will. That is an either/or stance.

To the point of the thread: I just turned 46 so I'd be in the first gen of fans as well, I guess. I have no problem seeing new actors playing these characters, for many of the wise reasons already stated.

Even if I read the same book I loved as a youth, it will be a 'different' book to me 30 years later because I am not the same person reading it. The same holds true for TREK -- TOS doesn't mean the same thing to me at 46 as it did when I was 6. TREK changes because we change around it.

What new meaning will this film add to TREK? I'm interested to find out, and knowing the physical realities of life, it takes new people to tell a new story.

I'd rather TREK continue to grow and evolve than shrink and fossilize as a fond artifact only belonging to the past. Nothing this new movie does can change my enjoyment of TREK from my childhood.

Similarly, nothing can bring my childhood back. I enjoyed TREK then and remember it fondly, but the 46 year-old me is willing to try a new story and see if I'll enjoy that in addition to what I grew up watching. There's room in my world for it all.

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