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This is not an attemot to stop you putting your point of view across, but once again, you are trying to ram your own opinions down everyone's throats, and anyone who disagrees with you is wrong. You must realise that there are always differing viewpoints, and people may not always agree with you. In fact, If you can't submit an argument without resorting to shouting at those who disagree with you then I think we'd all just as soon you didn't post anything at all. We all know you don't like the new Enterprise, but petulantly throwing a tantrum at anyone who disagrees with you is not the way to put your point across.
I do appologize for yelling? But it gripes me when somebody mentions the different bridges in the movies and compares that to the new bridge in the new movie. I never saw an Apple store bridge in any episode of TOS. This movie is supposed to represent past. Before the events of TOS. But apparently during Pike's tour of duty on the Enterprise. Again, we already know what the Enterprise looked like then. Why change it so radically. Why not stay a little closer to the original? And I'm not shoving my opinions down anyone's throat any more than anyone else is trying to shove theirs down mine. I'm told to shut up and to get over it and that the old Enterprise is dead and that I should get a life. So get over it if it irks me. I can express my opinion just as much as anyone else. And I don't curse or call anyone names, as I have been cursed at and called names here in the past. So I will continue to express my opinion. If you don't like it. Don't read it.
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