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Here are my thoughts ...

First, remember that Star Trek is entertainment. Not spritural guidance from above.

Second, Star Trek got many "facts" about the future right (computers, advanced communication devices, equal rights) but got just as much wrong. We should have endured World War 3 by now. A horrible war, worse than World War 2, caused by selective breeding. No one in the 1960's could have prediced that the world of 2009 would be torn by the same religious hatreds that were endured in the dark ages. Hindu against Muslim against Jew against Christian. They would have thought that impossible.

Third, as Thomas Wolfe said, "You Can't Go Home Again". Gene Roddenberry, his beloved Majel, DeForest and James are dead. Nothing can bring them back.

So, you have a choice. Embrace what Abrams, Quinto, Pine and everyone involved in the new movie are doing with an open heart, a generous spirit, and a willingness to give honest, constructive criticism OR bury Star Trek with the dead.

I say allow the torch to be passed and hope Abrams listens to our suggestions and makes the second Star Trek movie even better.
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