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I get a bit tired of the nit-picky cannonites out there trying to get all worked up over something silly like Kirk driving a stick shift. Or that the bridge of the E is different looking. Yet these same people have no problem with ignoring the fact that in the movies from trek 2 to 6 the bridge was different in each film. Or that Troy said in trek 9 that she had never kissed Riker with a beard even though she had about 6 times in TNG.

To me the real spirit of trek was lost in the TNG cannon obsessed techno-babble world and I look forward to a renewing of the HUMAN adventure in Trek in which not everyone agrees all the time and to fix a problem you need to do more than run a level 3 diagnostic.

I do not give a rat’s A** about cannon, I care about the spirit of TOS coming back in a big way.
"Space is Disease and Danger wrapped and Darkness and Silence”
– Leonard McCoy, Son of David.
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