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Thanks, omegaman.

The age thing is only important because a) older people have a reputation for being less flexible than younger people and b) people who watched the original show when it was aired, and saw all the subsequent movies and things as "following" the series have a different perspective than people for whom even Next Gen is "history".

JSnyder4 wrote:
Strangely enough, if there is any "group mind" forming it is generally the "younger" crowd who is the most adamant against change. Go figure.
With a bit of refinement, I me, it seems like the really young people here (the ones who tell their parents I'm a "nice Mom on the internet") are very excited about the new movie and ready to embrace the new actors. It seems like there biggest group of "no, no, this is not acceptable!" people fall into the 24 to 34 age range....(acknowledging that there are nay sayers in all age groups and there are people in the 24 to 34 age range that are all for the new movie).

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