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Originally Posted by Sybock View Post
I'm not actually asking anyone to agree. I probably shouldn't have put the word "Debate" in the title. What I'm asking is what is your "canon" because I am curious to see the different opinions and maybe discover facts I did not know.

I agree, there has been months and months of threads on this subject. The difference (I hope) about this thread is I don't want fans to argue but simply state their position on this subject. I have learned absolutely nothing from those other threads except that some people enjoy conflict.

So, I respect your opinion that everyone should be left to their own canon but I hope people will share theirs with others in this thread without bashing others beliefs.
A pretty clear indication that the OP here wishes this to be a different kind of thread from those others.

Originally Posted by JSnyder4 View Post
That's like saying "Abortion, your view?" - oh and no arguing.

Gosh, I hope that wasn't aimed at me specifically.
I did express my view... canon is meaningless to me.

*...but I hope people will share theirs with others in this thread without bashing others beliefs.*
Not possible. Someone will take offense at another view. It's a certainty.
A pretty clear indication that 1) you're not paying attention, 2) he is talking about you, and 3) you have a very low estimation of the maturity of the others on this forum. Just express your opinion and move on; maybe that forum on abortion you mentioned would be better suited for your . . . particular . . . style of posting.

I, for one, look forward to seeing many others post in this thread as it was intended - expressing a point of view and remaining open-minded & eager to hear the opinions of others.
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